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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

i've enjoyed your Angel reviews, and even though firefly is my very favorite show ever, i'm sorry to say that i won't be following this thread, for the following reasons:

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Naked Summer Glau, a cause for joy as anyone who ever watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles knows ("Put'em back in the holster").
i watched and very much enjoyed TSCC, but i must be missing something here. river is a scared little girl, definitely not Darla in a Box.

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Mal tells Kaylee he's considering tying her up, gagging her and throwing her into the hold. She then kisses him and says she loves him. Much like Willow maybe there's a lot of kink beneath that sweet and innocent exterior?
kaylee and willow (from what i've seen of her in Angel) are nothing alike. except, you know, they're both girls. the "kink" as you say, is not hiding beneath kaylee, the girl is just plain horny. deal with it.

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Some have argued for an incestuous subtext between Simon and River in the same way people saw it between Spike/his mum, Buffy/Dawn/Joyce, Connor/Cordelia. You can almost see why they'd think that, Simon hugging naked River and the little stroking gesture when he holds her hand

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but as with the other examples I'm not convinced, I just think they're a very devoted brother and sister (they're all each other have in the world).
well, thank god for small favors.

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When Book comments that the Serenity "Doesn't look like much" Kaylee replies that "She'll fool you", are they flirting?
are you not familiar with how girls function?

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Inarra says it best when she declares that Mal likes being 'lost in the woods' whilst Mal's view is that 'goverments are for getting in a man's way'. At the end when they've escaped Mal declares them 'Out of the woods'.
In many ways they're like the Roundheads vs the Cavaliers in the War of the Three Kingdoms (modern historians shy away from the term 'English civil war' as it also involved Ireland and Scotland and Britain didn't exist yet), the Confedracy vs Union in the US Civil War and the Republicans vs Nationalists in Spain, one side with the romance and glamour and one side with the might and right.

If you're old enough you surely remember the wonderful documentary series 'The American Civil War', the emotive Serenity music strongly resembles it. Mal speaks of the Alliance 'waltzing through serenity valley' much in the same way Sherman went 'marching through Georgia'.
the show is definitely a civil war parable, and you're right, it certainly did remind me of Ken Burns.

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Plenty of stuff showing Zoe and Mal shacking up together during the war before she met Wash
look, firefly ain't high school. firefly ain't even the post-college 20-something extended adolescences. mal is an adult. zoe is an adult. god knows book is an adult. inara is a professional, as is simon. even wash - as goofy as he is - is a married man, and takes that pretty seriously. jayne has been around the block many, many times. river's just a girl. even kaylee has been attending the school of hard knocks for so long that there just isn't that much of a ditsy girl left in her.

try and treat them like adults. you might enjoy the show a bit more.

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Wash is very Xander with his battling dinosaurs whilst Kaylee is very Willow/Fred, Joss even describes her as having the Alysson Hannigan quality. Joss describes Jayne as 'the Cordelia' of the group in that he says out loud what everyone is thinking (sorry Adam, I think Charisma is a LOT prettier)
Simon/River very Buffy/Dawn and 'The Gift' is even mentioned. The Zoe/Mal/Wash relationship somewhat similar to Willow, Xander and Oz/Tara,
i don't even know what half that means. bottom line: firefly is not part of the Buffy/Angel verse. there are no Vampires, no high schools, no incest, no magic, no demons, no teen angst, and,

and, if you can believe it, no blond love interests.

i have nothing against you using your Buffy/Angel review format to examine firefly through a new lens. i just don't think i'm going to be along for the ride if the insights stay down at the play-ground level. mal does not put gel in his hair. space is not So. Cal. it's time to get to work.

keep flying.
trust in the harper.
the harper is good.
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