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Re: vote on Inception's ending (spoilers obviously)

So - they have gone into dream state and are living for 50 years. I take it that they entered via various levels since in order to live 50 years, it wouldn't be possible in first-level dreaming. Are we shown their different levels?
Cobb and Mal struck me as a Marie and Pierre Curie type. They seemed to be exploring the bleeding edge of the technology rather than executing a structured plan like with Fischer. They probably used something like the elevator in the scene with Ariadne to move that far down.

Why is it that this level doesn't have people besides them? Shouldn't their "projections" populate this level?
We did see projections. That's what Mal and Saito's guards were.

How does Cobb remember that this is a dream? He doesn't seem to have an individual totem of his own? Are we to take it that he doesn't somehow succumb to the dream-world's charms?
It's definitely gnawing at him. Remember, that's Cobb's subconscious at the end telling him to stay in limbo. We can just assume he had a totem and we never saw it.

But she will also realize that somebody else has tampered with the totem - how would she know that this is the same top as her totem? Couldn't a projection (either of herself or Cobb's) go in and swap the totem out?
Forgetfulness is a side effect of being in limbo for long periods (the movie opens with Saito having almost forgotten Cobb). Mal doesn't even remember she tampered with the top so she certainly wouldn't realize Cobb did.

So did they just die of old age in the world-building level or something else happened there? For that matter, what happens, if you die of old age in the dream? Do you automatically move back to the higher level?
Dying in limbo is a kick. We saw Mal and Cobb lay down in front of the train which kicked them straight back to the real world.

Why does the totem "change" hands and come to Cobb?
Symbolism. It's part of the idea that's "infected" Cobb. It's also a representation of the guilt he's carrying around. They never do say why she just didn't test the totem but it's possible the idea is so entrenched in Mal's mind nothing would have convinced her.

But here's a question - would one person's totem work for another person in the dream world?
Sure. The only prerequisite for a totem is someone else can't know it well enough to duplicate it in the dream world.

So, how is Cobb able to go from his 4th level to Saito's Limbo?
There is no dreamer like with the other levels. Limbo is pure unconstruced space. Since Cobb was the only person who'd ever been there before what they landed in were the remnants of Mal and Cobb's world.

Did they tell us how one can "escape" from Limbo?
Mal, Cobb, Ariadne and Fischer all killed themselves to escape limbo which raises all kinds of questions about why it was even dangerous to begin with.
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