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Re: Sigils and Unions: Catacombs of Oralius--"A Door to the Soul"

Thanks again, MF...there's a response to your review over at Ad Astra.

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As always, powerful stuff here, Nerys.

Who would have thought that the AU Dukat would fine refuge with the AU Winn?

She's fighting her own demons, just as Dukat must cope with all that he's suffered, and how the greatest joy of his life, his daughter, is also a living memorial to the worst suffering of his existence.
Thankfully for Ziyal, one of the fortunate things about AU Dukat approaching this from a religious point of view is that there's a very clear separation in his mind between the DNA and the soul--the latter of which he sees as having absolutely nothing to do with Vedek Tora, and which is why he was able to bond with her in a way that many people in situations like this find very difficult. I think what will be hardest for him, though, is the way others may act back on Cardassia Prime when he returns, and also knowing that once Ziyal gets old enough, she'll realize that she's not like other Cardassians, and ask the tough questions about why.

AU Winn...yeah, she's definitely got a lot of rough stuff in her own past, too. Her mother was this great hero of the Prophets' underground, and died for this absolutely senseless reason. I think that would be enough to give most anybody a crisis of faith.

Somehow, though, I think that the meeting of these two isn't the evil portent it was in the canon universe.
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