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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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You mean there are people in the world who never have dreams where physically impossible things happen? Every dream they've ever had in their lives adheres strictly to the mundane logic of real life?
With nearly 7 Billion people on the planet, many of whom would consider third-world conditions to be a luxury, I think that it is possible some of them have fairly mundane dreams.

Everyone dreams differently and everyone's dreams are going to be different from night to night. As I posted in a Misc Thread a week ago I had a dream where aliens were forcing me and a complete stranger to hide from a nuclear apocolypse so that we could re-populate the earth when all was clear. This dream included mechs, alien/human hybrids, vast and complex underground chambers and had a special effects budget that'd make Michael Bay blow his load like a 13-year-old boy looking through the underwear section of the J.C. Pennys catalog.

Last night? I had a dream I was at work, dealing with a massive sale that gave us huge business and all my co-workers were being bitches about doing their jobs. Very, very mundane dream that aside from a detail here and there I could've mistaken for the real life.

The point was in inception was the team, namely Cobb and the Architecht, were "populating" and creating the "dream world" to make it as mundane as possible so the person would mistake it for real life and not "wake up" thus either ending the mission or sending the person into Limbo. It further seems this dream state was made to be so complex and "deep" into the brain that the person didn't even remember everything that happened. (Much like how you may dream everynight but not always remember the dreams you had.)

Saying something like "the movie was lame because the dreams weren't "dream-like" enough with T-Rexes eating cars!" is just, well, stupid. Because first of all it ignores the very, very real fact that not all dreams are surreal, bizzare and off-the wall and that they were purposefully making the dreams as real as possible so that their mark wouldn't realize he's dreaming because both other times in the movie where the mark realized the dream wasn't real the dream world collapsed and the person woke-up. (I'm not clear how that would've happened in this movie given the sedative they were using if Murphy would've ended up in Limbo or woken up -despite the sedative- if he realized he was dreaming (as almost happened as Leo talks to him in the bar of the "Goldeneye 64" level.)
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