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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

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Wow. I am really glad I have decided to download the demo (it's taking ages to download on my computer lol). Does STO run okay on a laptop of 2Gb Ram and 120Gb of hardrive? I know, when I first bought it, I suppose it wasn't the best choice for gaming. But that wasn't my original intention. lol.
What are the specs (ie CPU type and speed; and the video chipset)? <----- These are what will determine if/how well STO will run for you on it.

Also, STO really uses our hardware, meaning your CPU and video chipset will run HOT; and laptops generally are not the best choice for games like this because they can overheat; so if you don't have a laptop cooling tray (and the game does run for you and you want to continue with it); you'll want to get one.
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