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Re: The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

Okay, I was a bit late.. an yes, this is only a preview of the final design, but I went back and researched my earlier Fan made Yamato ship designs which had more of a WWII feel to the ships, and decided they would be better served to be used with the Gallifreyan Bowships..

If the aft Hyperspace Engines look familiar that is because I used the classic Star Trek Nacelle front, and thought that if this was ever done in CG, it would look awesome to see those fan like engines twirl with bright blue energy and at the same time simulating a ship rudder, while giving homage to the classic 60's Trek..

a few items of note:

1. the bars that wind around the sides of the ship are the psychic shield emitters..they fan out an anti psychic field force that protects the crew of the Bowship from the Great Vampire's Dark corrupting forces. they are done in a chrome colour and give the ship a sort of Retro-futuristic look. the energy emitted looks like ringlets of power in circles flowing outward and disipating just beyond the ship.. almost like a broadcast signal..

2. There is a massive observation window on each side of the ship's bridge area, which allows the crew to see a beautiful view of the galaxy as they travel the universe in search of their enemy the Great Vampires..these windows can be sealed with shielding during times of battle or great cosmic dangers..the window is open to the Main gathering center of the ship, known as the great hall.. and is reminiscent of the eating area of Hogwarts..only in Gallifreyan architecture and design.with cathedral-like vaulted ceilings..

3. At the bow of the ship, just below the ram spike, are 2 bolt guns, which sit on top of each other. it seems to me that if for some reason the first steel bolt missed, there could be a 2nd one ready to go just after as they reload..

4. The Ship is covered in many staser canons, and has torpedo bays below the ship which can fire off missile like projectiles and damage enemy hulls, or shatter Vampire bones, while the stasers strip away flesh, only the Great Vampires are capable of rapid regeneration, so the need for multiple staser firing is to wear down the vampire enough to get a clean shot..

5. the Ship's colour is in a rust-red, with Gold or Brass in certain areas, with golden glowing high Gallifreyan Text in certain areas on the ship.It has bright glowing blue spinning bulbs at the aft end, which look like the classic Star Trek Enterprise front nacelles..there are four each and they all twirl inwards toward the middle..

6. Each separate staser canon has a control station just above the guns to guide them more effectively in a fierce battle.

7. Chancellory Control is where the Gallifreyan High Council members reside dictating the law of the home-world and ultimately oversees the ship and it's crew. the main bridge is where the controls and helm are located, and is primarily the place where the main functions of the ship are produced.

a full schematic sheet will follow later.. I think though, that until I am done doing half the fleet, I will refrain from uploading them one at a time, and do it all at once.. Unless you want me to do them one at a time???. Please let me know

I hope you guys like this one better..

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