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Re: Shields and Screens

As the list shows, the only thing where the "issue" even arises is within ST:TMP. None of the other movies feature multiple different names for the thing-that-stops-enemy-weapons. Moreover, all of them use the same single name for this thing: "shields". This is in line with much of TOS and TNG, where heroes sometimes spoke of shields, sometimes of deflectors, but never of both at the same time.

In-universe, we could say that shields and deflectors are two names for the same thing, just like our heroes may ride on turbolifts or turboelevators. Out-universe, a single bunch of writers created the confused mess that is TMP. Apparently they wanted to convey the idea of at least two separate protective systems, with their "X and Y" phrases, but couldn't agree to the exact terminology, the exact X and Y to be paired. Which is pretty much understandable if they kept on receiving memos like that Roddenberry one quoted from the Phase II book...

Timo Saloniemi
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