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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Nah last year was the year and we blew it. Thanks though I don't see any of those 3 teams going up.

At the top: David James to end his career with a dazzling string of saves in the play-off final v Burnley. Bristol and Boro to go up with one from Reading, Hull and Preston. Well, maybe not Preston. Or Hull. League winners to have record low points total. Oh screw it, all these teams are average. Cardiff City to make the play-offs but spare me the final humiliation and have the decency to get destroyed in the semi. Mass exodus, liquidation and new life in Newport County's division as South Glamorgan United.

At the bottom: Millwall and Scunny to go down, but with a fight unlike poor Portsmouth, who this time next year will be in...

The Reckoning: Sheff Wed to win with Saints and Huddersfield joining them in the ascent. Rochdale to return to their favourite league...
The Struggle: I know nothing about League Two, it's a total lottery.*

The Prem... geez, I just cannot do it this year. I will generalise though:
Usual title fight, to the script. I'll go out on a limb and fancy United to reclaim it, humiliate Liverpool with their record 19th title, Fergie to retire, Hernandez and Valencia the stars of the season
Villa to get worse and Everton to get better. With a good start, Everton for Europe where they and Arteta belong
Liverpool to finish 6th at most
City to win sod all, maybe get 4th
Spurs to crash and burn but still come in the European places
Bolton the dark horses for top 10/Europe - they're building nicely and are playing something resembling football these days.
Stoke to be nowhere near 9th - you need something resembling away form for that
Blackburn, Wolves, Fulham to be incredibly average
Blackpool relegated by April
West Brom to do the unthinkable and stay up for once
Newcastle to skirt with relegation - look at that bloody squad - and more than likely mess it up
One from Wigan, West Ham and Wolves to join them. Nailed-on it's Wigan if they let N-Zogbia go, as much as it pains me to go against them

The Prem and the Champo are going to be brilliant this year. There's nothing between anyone either, save for the very top and very bottom. And Blackpool.

*oh how I wish I could remember where I heard those names for Leagues One and Two...
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