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Re: Casting Superman?

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Any complaints about Routh's performance may be blamed in large part on the screenwriters for Superman Returns. Routh didn't have two continuous minutes of memorable dialogue anywhere in the film, and it is not his fault.
I'm not saying anyone's at "fault." Routh is a perfectly adequate actor, and I'm sure there are roles he'd be well-suited for. I just cannot for the life of me look at him and see Superman, let alone a Superman that's supposed to be the same one Christopher Reeve embodied. That's not a slur against him as an actor or a person, it's simply a description of my reaction to him in the role.

Although if I were to play the blame game, I'd pin it more on the direction than the writing. Pretty much every actor in the film was directed to underplay the hell out of it, to the point that it became lifeless and sluggish. I also feel it was a fundamental mistake to attempt to tie this film to the Donner Superman, because it suffers mightily by comparison. (I've critiqued the Donner film/s in the past, but I've just recently re-viewed S:TM and have found myself seeing it in a more positive light and recognizing what an achievement it was. And certainly a large part of that was Reeve's casting, and I'm sorry, but Routh is simply not in the same ballpark.) They should've started from scratch and created something new so that they wouldn't be competing against 30 years of expectations and memories.
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