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Loyalty is antithetical to capitalism.
I disagree. I think it's only antithetical to shortsighted capitalism. Research regularly bears out the benefits of developing long-term relationships between employer and employees. Well-trained employees who feel ownership of their situation produce better results for their employer; only in a world concerned with short-term profits, rather than sustainable profits over years and decades, are long-term employees a hindrance.
Sorry, but I worked for a company that developed long-term relationships with its employees. You wanna know how much they counted for when the chips were down? Fucking squat. Dozens of people who'd been with this company for 20+ years--good people, highly skilled and competent--shown the door because incompetent management ran the company into the ground.
That goes to the point I argued, which is that two-way loyalty is very beneficial to long-term success. The company you worked for either wasn't aware of that lesson, or was very poorly managed. Either way, I'm very sorry to hear what happened.
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