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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

A VERY interesting visit to reality-ville. When under the constraints of a production that had already scheduled it's opening date before the film was finished, it was harder to check relative scales & shapes than I would have liked. But I must say that my Officer's Lounge and saucer-rim Rec Deck would have been a better fit than Michelson's. Ya win some and lose some... hoping the results are better than average.

The Enterprise (refit) I put together was indeed called out at 1,000 feet even (305m) but, as I've stated often, once a design leaves my desk, there is very little I can do to insure it makes it to camera as designed. As for the deck-level discrepancy between the Engineering docking port and Landing Bay level,... there is a ramp leading down from one to the other within that transition corridor.

Keep up the good work,
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