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Re: Company Loyalty

Guartho wrote: View Post
I'm getting closer and closer to being able to hire someone here at my business. I can promise you that if I have an employee with J's above stated attitude he had for Dell, I'll cut my own personal income before I consider letting him or her go.

So, I conclude that company loyalty in a small business is going to be worthwhile.
There's a manufacturing facility about 100 miles of here that makes tools. They're a medium sized company, and they have a policy: No one gets laid off. People can be fired for a myriad of reasons, like being constantly late or performing poorly over a long period of time. All they ask is that you do your best and perform well, following all procedures and staying within time and productivity constraints, and that if you didn't, you would be fired. While a couple of my friends thought it was wrong to hold such high hire/fire standards, I thought it was more than fair.

I may not have a degree, but I work hard, and I do use my head. That's probably why Walmart got rid of me years ago.
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