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Re: Borderline Trek Film

After several weeks of inactivity, I got a lot done on my little project. I think one more day of prep and I can finally start getting some paint on the walls!

No pictures of the set yet -- most of the stuff I've been working on have been from an engineering standpoint (figuring out how the false floor and monitor mounts are going to work), so it doesn't look all that much different than the last time I posted. It will, soon enough, though!

One thing that I've been working on for the last few weeks are some new puppets. One -- a robot pop star that is the closest thing to a human in the film -- is coming together nicely. Here's a shot of the latest prototype -- which may or may not be the the puppet we use in the film:

She's a rod puppet that can open and close her mouth, widen her eyes and cock her head similar to the way Data used to do it in TNG. I've never built anything like this before, so it's definitely been a learning process.

Enjoy! -- oh and if you want to see what she looks like under her skin -- this is what the mechanics look like:

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