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This. Anyone who blindly trusts that a big corporation is looking out for his best interests is a fool.
It wasn't always like this, though.

Now, this is gospel truth.

I worked for RHI and was very loyal to them, and they nixed me because they were afraid of what the economy might do.

I now work for a smaller staffing firm, and I know that my boss/owner of the company cares about what happens to me.

As long as I do my best and do well for the company, he'll do right by me. The bigger corps just don't care. Why should they? They can just crank out another person to take your place.
Even when the boss likes you, if they have to serve the interests of other people they will still can you if they must.

The President (and founder and former CEO) of my last employer was deeply upset by the layoffs, but he also had no choice. The board was unanimous and all he could do was fight specific cuts. He couldn't stop the cuts from happening at all--in fact, they wanted to cut much deeper, and they later did so.

So, it all depends on who has the final say. You could have the greatest boss in the world, but if retaining you is not something he has final say over, it's not worth much.
This is why I prefer small companies where the person with the final say is both my boss and the owner of the company.
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