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Re: Jetfire's Superman Film...

Um...His Kryptonian history leads him to not repeat the mistakes of his ancestors and being raised by the be a true altruist...with truth & justice coming from his Kryptonian heritage.

I believe Jor El & Lara want him to be a leader & protector of Earth...which they have vast knowledge of human history...and lead humanity in a new era of Truth, Justice & Altruism.

[edit] In once sense he lets people close to him down by not revealing his true identity to protect them...and at the same time knows by protecting them he is doing the right thing...If Lois knows everything...then the stakes are raised and I am not sure how it would play out but Superman has to know sacrifice is part of the journey because his parents sacrificed much to try to stop Zod & Brainiac and then send their son to a savage world.
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