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Jetfire's Superman Film...

Ok If I were to make my Superman film...

Superman/Clark Kent-Christian Howard Image
Lois Lane-Elise Gatien Image
Jimmy Olsen-Calum Worthy Image
Cat Grant-Alison Sweeney Image
Perry White-Terry O'Quinn Image
Lana Lang-Cintia Dicker Image
Jonathan Kent-David Morse Image
Martha Kent-Robin Christopher Image
Lex Luthor-Tyler Christopher Image
Brainiac-CGI Voice by Michael Emerson Image
Zod-Tom Selleck Image
Metallo(John Corbin)-Jude Law Image
Maggie Sawyer-Dahlia Salem Image
Jor El-Julian Sands Image
Lara-Helen Slater Image

Other roles to be determined later.

-First 30 Minutes-
Krypton's distruction, Kal El arrives on Earth, Kents Discover
and raise him. (Basic Superman back story)

-Next 30 Minutes-
Superman is known to the world and has history with Lois
Lane...Clark working at the Daily Planet. (Typical Story)
Lex Luthor employs Metallo(LexCorp Creation) to retrieve
artifact/encounters Superman and later Superman takes care of him...this brings back Zod from Phantom Zone and
awakens Brainiac.

-Last 30 Minutes-
Luthor double crossed by Zod & Brainiac, Metropolis at Zod's
Mercy...Superman saves the day. -End-
This was a rushed job works for me. I am sure none of you will like this.

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