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Re: When Did different species achieve space travel/ warp?

The Deltans might have been visited even if they didn't have warp drive themselves. And we really don't know when the Ferengi got their warp drive - 8,572 BC is as good a guess as any. But Quark's rant in "Little Green Men" would not only be in error in that case, it would be completely off base; it only makes sense if the Ferengi warp came slightly after at least one of those cases Quark mentions - human, Klingon or Vulcan warp. And it would only be literally true if it came after all three, but we can excuse Quark for fumbling on one or two.

As for Bajoran warp, we really have no idea, but 2328 sounds really late for such a "mature" society. Even the dating of their fancy lightsails is unknown, because Sisko merely replicates a specific model that comes from 800 years before the episode; lightsails in general might have existed long before, and Bajorans could in theory even have had warp long before they developed lightsails. In contrast, the Talosians were old but not particularly mature, and one wonders if they ever developed any sort of interstellar travel. Doesn't really look like it IMHO.

Timo Saloniemi
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