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My loyalty to my company is so great that I specified my organ donor information on the back of my driver's license to indicate that senior execs of my corporation get first-choice. As I don't drink or smoke, my organs should be cherry!

Seriously, though...I do consider myself loyal to my company. It is a good line of work that I am in and I enjoy it greatly and it has allowed me to provide for my family in a way I never dreamed possible as a college dropout, and we have a decent pension plan and great benefits. I would like to keep that gravy train on the rails, so that also has a lot to do with "company loyalty", as it were.

Regarding personal loyalty within the company, I would consider myself more loyal to people who treat me with a little respect and human dignity, but that's just human nature to work harder for someone who treats you well than someone who sees you as disposable as a #2 pencil.

I used to be somewhat dissapointed in my early (and more naive) years with my company that they did not really reward hard work and ingenuity and innovation, but nowadays I am content that my only direct feedback from my employer come$ twice a month. If they were interested in my opinion on how to run operations more intelligently than those of us in the field perceive them, I figure they would ask us. They don't, so I just follow my instructions and do the best I can with what they give me to work with. I'm content.
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