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A company is there to make money. Anything they do to make you happy working for them is not done out of altruism, but to convince you to stay working for them for as they regard you as an asset.

In that context, loyalty to your employer certainly has a role to play. By being loyal to a company you preserve your perks, salary, opportunities, etc, etc. But it is not the same sort of loyalty you might show someone/something that you do not have a monetary relationship with. I leave it to another thread to debate whether altruistic loyalty is ever possible. But company loyalty is quite clearly bought loyalty, similar to what you might expect from a mercenary to his boss, and so always susceptibility to a cost-benefit financial calculus. To behave any other way towards your employer is I think to do yourself a disservice and leave yourself open to exploitation.

I have only two more working days of being directly employed by an organisation. The calculus no longer added up in favour of staying in the job.
Yeah, they exist to make money, but what they never seem to realize is that they won't be making money for long if they continue to piss everybody off. It's in their best interests to have employees who are somewhat happy. In the short-term, having a high turnover rate will save them some money, sure, but in the long run, they're missing out on the level of experience that you just can't get when you're hiring new people every six months to a year. They could have had "loyal" people working for them, busting their asses, but instead they'll end up with a bunch of people who don't give a shit because they know it's only a temporary thing. And then their company will die.
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