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Re: Company Loyalty

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Everyone's ultimately going to do what is best for them, and take care of themselves. Company loyalty is a nice idea and you shouldn't intentionally try to screw over your company, but the reality is that you need to look after your own interests because o one else is going to. There are some businesses out there that will go out of their way to help their employees, but blind trust in something like that is too big of a risk and things could change at any moment.
True, and the longer I try to get a job, the more I see desperation replacing any type of loyalty in a company. People know they can be replaced at the drop of a hat.

In general, then, it looks like company loyalty (as we know it or knew it) is a thing of the past, then. Without indulging in a rose colored glasses view of the past, it was often that people worked for the same company their whole lives, and retired from there. I do agree with Naira, in that small businesses can earn loyalty because they are small enough to care (this was echoed by others as well). Like Robert, I was loyal to the company. I wanted them to succeed. At the same time I wanted them to be fair to the employees, and for a while they were, but then toward the end, they just started hemorrhaging employees, and started bringing in new employees at a severely cut rate. We went from a full time badged/temp ratio of 90/10 at the start, to a ratio of 40/60, and by the time I left, 80/20. From what I am told by the few friends who still work there, it's 90/10. Temps do not receive benefits, and technically they don't actually work for Dell.

One other note, to gturner, actually, Dell kept quite a large amount of inventory. I worked in warranty, and the largest Dell affiliated warehouse (Dell doesn't own any property in the United States) in North America at the time. We were actually expanding to take on new inventory, while also leasing inventory for Walmart toward the last couple of months there.
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