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Re: vote on Inception's ending (spoilers obviously)

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Nobody already started this poll? Okay, I will.

So, what dya think happened in the end? I'll give you an Other option in case anyone has alternative theories other than the obvious,

My take is this: since Moll had a "magic" top that would tell her whether she was in a dream, her assessment of whether she was in a dream or not must have been accurate (assuming the movie is playing fair with the "rule" about the top) and if she thought she was still in a dream, I say she was right. At some point after she "woke up," she spun the top and it didn't stop on its own, leading to only one sensible conclusion: jump off a ledge (and frame your stupid pigheaded husband for your murder so he'll kill himself or at the very least, be executed).

Dom putting the idea in her mind that she's in a dream isn't what caused her to kill herself. Just because you have an idea, regardless of where it comes from, you can always change your mind. Inception isn't mind control and it doesn't destroy free will.

Okay, let's hear from the peanut gallery!
So.... your interpretation of the ending is based on something in the movie that never occurred and was never even hinted as possibly having occurred. .... Interesting.

How I voted: Real.

For starters after seeing the movie twice the top was definetly begining to develop a favor in its spin and on the verge of failing. By the movie's own rules this means he was back in the real world.

Secondly, if it was still a dream seems like it'd be a "long" one considering quite some time has passed between Mal's death (I've no idea who this "Moll" is there was no such character character in the movie) and the events of the movie. And considering the "levels" of the dream world seemed to follow what Leo knew they were it seems silly that he'd be dreaming and not know it simply by the fact that Limbo is where it is "supposed to be" four levels into dreaming.

Thirdly, it being a dream sort-of makes the whole movie pointless. The whole driving thing in the movie was Leo's need to clear his name to be able to get back into America so he can see his kids again because he couldn't see them in his dreams. So it seems dumb for the whole movie to be a dream and sad for it to be a dream for him to get to see his kids again. Would you be satisfied getting to see your kids again in a dream? That wasn't enough for Leo so if the ending is a dream it's a pretty lame shot in the balls for Leo's character.

And to clarify, I'll ammend it by saying "He was back in the real world as much as he always thought he was his entire life/during the entire "real world" portions of the movie." Becuase it's "possible" that his idea of the "real world" isn't the real world.

Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
If she was in a dream, she could have conjured another top in her pocket (or "found" it there if she was still thinking it was reality).

And why did he lock the top away? Did he know it was all a dream and was trying to hide it? There's really no reason to hide the top unless he knew she was right after all...
Mal hid the top in the safe fallen over. This put the idea in her head that where she was living was "reality" for her and Limbo and the ages they spent there became her "reality." Her and Leo both seemed to be pioneers or "specially unique" to this dream contraption so she likely knew that laying the top in the safe of her old house would make her treat this world as her reality.

Only if inception were a form of mind control that could alter a person's perception of reality and override their normal senses.
Were you in the bathroom at some point in the movie? Leo tells Wantabe's character before he fully commits to the job that what they plant in subject's mind will define them and become what they are all about until they've accomplished that implantation's goal. By spinning that top in the safe he defined his wife. He not only made her realize that Limbo was a "dream" and made her want out he defined her in the "real world" as well.

If you're not going to show it falling over, why have it start to wobble? I think it's because it didn't matter either way.
This is a tough one as I agree. It's possible he is saying "it doesn't matter" which is a lame thing to say because it does matter. He gets to see his kids which is the only thing in the world he wanted to do I think, as a father, that'd really matter to him big time. Why show it starting to fall and not going all of the way? Because you may not need to and to cause this kind of discussion to get people asking these kinds of questions and to put this doubt in their mind sort of like the blinging white light at the end of Total Recall it leaves enough room of "doubt" open to get people thinking or debating what the ending means. If we saw the top topple over then that'd leave no doubt in anyone's mind as by the movie's own rules Leo was back in the real world. Cut the movie off just as the top is begining to fail and you pose a zillion questions in people's minds.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.

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