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I believe that company "loyalty" can only exist in small businesses. When it comes to a large corporation, the numbers are more important than the people.
This. Anyone who blindly trusts that a big corporation is looking out for his best interests is a fool.
Agreed, though an exception may be a larger company which is in private hands, such as the one my father worked for. Of course, when he was hired in the early 1960s this company could still limit their work force to only Roman Catholics, so it really was a different era. My dad worked for them for almost 30 years until his retirement.

I think of myself as loyal to my job rather than to my employer, which is the county council, especially due to the nature of my job. However with all the public spending cuts the new UK government is planning to do I don't know how much longer I'll have this job. The irony is that the services we provide will be needed more than ever.
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