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Re: New Trek Series?

I don't think the movie and TV industries are closely enough aligned that success in one will translate to the other. The top movies nowadays are all sci fi (look at how the genre dominates the top 100 list for 2010, especially at the top of the list), yet the genre languishes on TV, and what does exist tend to be sci-fi-ish cop shows.

Why aren't the top five TV shows an animated fantasy about toys, a magical adventure in a wonderland, a superhero show, teenage vamps in love and a parody of Disney tropes? The top TV show list isn't anything remotely like that. Even the superheroes and teen vamps get paltry ratings and barely (or don't) dodge cancellation on TV.
Needs more to be along the lines of how The Next Generation was put together.
That's the worst approach. TV tastes have changed so that the bland, inoffensive approach of TNG would be a death-knell. Those who want comfort-food entertainment have moved on to cop/lawyer/doctor shows and sitcoms; sci fi isn't part of their menu anymore. Those who want sci fi don't want it to be bland. TNG would fall right into the gulf between two divergent markets.
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