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Re: Angel ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

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Wes gets a chance to shine and it's just fabulous.
agreed! he would make a great boss... almost as if Angel Investigations would run better if he were in charge. oh wait

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Virginia is lovely
she's great - i think she's the only good girlfriend in all of Angel!

if you think the show is bad with dads, its absolutely terrible with GFs. i shudder just imagining living in that kind of dating pool (LA?). take for ex:

cordy - well, count her out - she sleeps around a bit, but is never a girlfriend. fred seems cool with gunn for a while, but she's just a nutcase, and it can't work. darla: enough said. and don't even get me started on holtz's girlfriend! lilah has a shitty abused girlfriend who can crush you with her mind, and she herself isn't that great a GF for Wes.

even lindsy's girlfriend is kind of evil, but then when she isn't, she still has fucked angel. the Angel 'verse is so bad with GF's, that Lindsy's GF is about as good as you can hope for. other than Virginia, who even with a fucked up dad, still seems to have very few daddy issues. she's kind and supportive, and she puts out on a regular basis.

all of which makes Virginia shine.

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Angel plans to infiltrate WR&H by 'moving real fast'
As Gunn horrifiedly observes 'Going real quick was the plan?"

love the way Cordy and Wes are able to infiltrate WR&H with just a business suit and a pair of glasses

Angel protests he isn't a eunuch
hilarious episode. was laughing throughout
trust in the harper.
the harper is good.
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