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Re: Just watched Star Trek V - pros and cons

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TOS's effects were shit
No. They weren't.
I agree that they definitely were not by the standards of the day (in fact, they were fairly groundbreaking, as I understand it), but I think the point KingDaniel was trying to make is that even if they don't stand up as well to the effects of today, there are a lot of people who greatly enjoy the show despite that. And the same can easily apply to TFF. For myself, I watched it on a little TV the first time I saw it, so I don't know if that made a difference, but I didn't really notice anything wrong with the effects. Of course, I wasn't looking for it. Maybe next time when I watch it on a big flatscreen, now being more aware of the issues, I may be more sensitive to it. But I think I'll just make the decision to not let that ruin my enjoyment of the story and the characters.
Exactly. The effects are secondary to everything else.
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