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Re: The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

Like I did once before with the Bowship design,

Here is a preview before the final schematic sheet, of the Type 40 TT capsule as seen within it's own dimension..

A couple of design notes..

the ship can make and jettison new room sections at will, which would delete them via a dispersal pattern, which converts them into their raw plasma like state, which is then ignited in the vortex to produce thrust.. if this is done, the outer structure of the Tardis rooms remains in tact.. that is because the outer structure is the absolute limits of the ship itself, and must remain, inside the massive outer structure, we see in the image below, there is a void of rooms, and what looks like Victorian Ironwork, and a mass of energy piping, and circuitry nodes.. reminiscent of the interior of the virtual world of tron.. on the outside of the massive structure are immense roundels, within their own blocks, and sections.. this reflects the theory that the ship's roundels are an intrinsically essential to the ship itself..

the Tardis has one central structure which was the only part built by the time lord Engineers, this is because to create a Tardis, there has to be sections which are built, and the rest of the ship is cold plasma and molecular matter manipulations..

the Tardis central Structure looks much different from the rest of the ship because it is built by Time lord engineers, it consists of the initial console control room, default and secondary console rooms, shown in the 8th doctor's adventure 1996 movie-Hartnell's Tardis, and the 4th doctor's Use in the deadly assassin, the main computer core, main engines, main vital circuitry, dynamorphic generators, the cloister room, sensors, communications and scanning equipment, and the central column structure. all other rooms, and or devices are constructed around this.

for instance the main circuitry relays for the chameleon circuit reside in the main built structure, however, the outer walls and access panels to the circuitry can change with the "desk top theme", if so desired.. but the circuitry remains where it is, and does not move.. only the walls surrounding it are modified..

with that said, here is the preview of the Tardis as seen in it's own dimension. Also, I was going to put some Gallifreyan text on the outside of the ships rooms at their top, and then realized that would be fruitless, and unnecessary.. why would the time lords put writing on the outside of their tardises, no one would ever see it? so It makes sense logically to have left that out of the design..

Just as the Tardis is bigger on the inside, so too is it more complex on the inside then outside..A stripped down schematic will be done soon after this one to detail the main sections of the Core Tardis structure..This shows how the ship works in relation to the console rooms, and the main reactors, and engines..along with the circuitry and computer core rooms..

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