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Company Loyalty

I was just thinking about the state of our economy, how many corporations are treating their employees, the need for absolute profit over the well-being of the employee (and the customer as well), and I was wondering, does company loyalty still exist? Are any of you loyal to your business, and if so, what keeps you loyal?

I'll start: When I was working for Dell (what I consider the greatest job I ever had), I was very loyal. I believed that the company and I benefited one another. If I worked harder and smarter, the company made a greater profit, and if the company made a greater profit, it would ensure my employment and future benefits, and so that cycle would lead to more success for both myself and the company.

Unfortunately, I, along with 8800 employees around the world, was laid off because of upper level management shenanigans. It didn't matter how hard or how smart I worked, it didn't matter how well I performed. I was loyal, but the company was not, and sold many of us down the river in a fit of fiscal expedience. Before Dell, I was very careful about loyalty, because most of the places I worked for were just penny ante places that didn't care anyway. Since I was let go from Dell, the idea of loyalty to a company is just too much risk, and I'm not sure I could invest that kind of devotion into a company again.

So that's my story, what's yours?

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