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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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Or just toss that silly rule in the wastebasket. One of the flaws of the movie is that the rules the screenwriters were inventing got in the way of making a good story, chiefly by bogging down the narrative with boring scenes of characters standing around explaining the rules to each other.
Part of making a good story is restricting your heroes as much as possible, and given your villians as much little restriction as possible. So "tossing that rule in the wastebasket" would pretty much mean our heroes could say, "This is a dream we can do whatever we want! Bring on the War Hammer Dinosaurs!!!" Sorry, it's a bit dumb to criticize a movie for keeping, mostly, within the bounds of its own established rules simply because you think car chases and gun-fights are more boring that some other extravagant means of eluding the bad guys. This is why a good Superman story is hard to pull off without bringing in Superpowered villians from his rouges gallery or kryptoniote. Superman is so much more powerful than his mundane foes that it's hard to make good conflict with him. If our heroes in this movie could just do whatever they want in the dream world then there's no tension or drama because, well, they're invincible.

Leo tells Page's character when training her not to change too much, too drasticly, too fast because it tips the subject off that something isn't right, makes the dream more unstable and more likely the subject will reject the infiltration and wake up.

For instance, how about this rule: when a person is dreaming, they forget what the rules of the real world are. If they see a fellow passenger in a car conjure a T-Rex from thin air to chomp the car ahead of them, they accept that as a natural part of their world.
Or how about this rule: In the dreams they can make magical lepercauns that can reprogram the individual by opening up a Mac Classic? That's wasn't the rules the movie established in itself. Again, it's dumb to criticize a movie because its internal logic doesn't match-up with what you think it should be. You seem to have ths problem a lot of the time not liking something fairly rational that a movie/show-maker comes up and then saying they should of done something compltely absurd instead. Why didn't they conjure up a T-Rex from thin-air to chomp the bad guys? Because that would be dumb and wouldn't have fit the tone of the movie.

Because that's how dreams actually work. People don't suddenly wake up from dreams every time they see something that wouldn't happen in real life. If that were true, how would anyone get any sleep?
You obviously were not paying attention during the movie. First of how dreams "really work" varies greatly from person to person. Further it depends on the dreamer how mundane, surreal, or fantastic the dream is.

Amd it's not that the person "suddenly wakes up" when they see something out of place/realize it's a dream. It's that they become more aware that they're in a dream and are able to either change the dream world or simply cause themselves to wake up or become aware that they're not the one in control of the dream and that they're being infiltrated. Haven't you ever been in a dream or nightmare that you didn't like and been able to disolve it, change it into something preferable or simply just get yourself out of it and wake up? That's what happening here. Wantabe in the opening scenes realized he was in a dream world and that Leo and company were trying Extraction on him so he was able to force himself awake to stop it, it's also what occurs in the hotel bar scene with Leo and Murphy. The dream world was starting to fall apart because Murphy realized he was in a dream, Leo was telling him that he (Murphy) was in danger but Leo was able to coax Murphy into calming down and maintaing the dream world.
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