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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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I mean he disappeared after that scene.
Why do you think he would pop up again?

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I figured out about halfway thru the movie that the whole twist ending would be "was Moll right after all" and really hoped it wouldn't be so frakkin depressingly obvious.
Well, it's obvious because that's the theme of the movie. What is reality? Cobb was struggling with it throughout the entire film. When Mal gives her speech in limbo about not believing in an objective reality anymore, those are Cobb's thoughts (at least part of him).

You're misinterpreting the ending, too. If we accept that the totem represents reality (if you don't the test doesn't even matter) then Mal was definitively wrong. We see the real world established a number of times on screen when it topples over.

That scene is all about whether Cobb left limbo with Saito or whether he listened to his subconscious and created his own "reality".
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