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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Billy doesn't know his best system IMO and we still lack that winger that can rip a team to parts ever since Commons Left. I really respect the hard working Cohen but on the other wing we could do with a little bit of flair, maybe Peter Wittingham who we've been trying to sign for 12 months.

Also I'd prefer to play a 5 man midfield so we can get the best out of both Majewski and McGugan because we did not get enough goals from midfield last season and had mis firing forwards with the exception of Earnshaw so no need to play 2 up front. I would also love us to sign Nickey Shorey who cannot find a PL club so should suck it up and drop a league.

From our squad I rate highly...


I feel any of those could make it into the PL with a team and the rest of squad is very so/so.
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