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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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It's explained in the movie, apparently not well enough, that if the "drean world" ventures too far from "reality" the subject will begin to reject it therefore defeating their entire purpose of creating the dream world in the first place.
Cillian Murphy's character was hooded/gagged and perhaps unconscious in some scenes, in others he wasn't present, and in still others, he knew he was in a dream. Our Heroes could have taken the gloves off in those cases and shown more imagination in their battles with the dream projection people, and hopefully been more effective in fighting them, or at least a bit more entertaining. All the explosions got really boring after a while.

Or just toss that silly rule in the wastebasket. One of the flaws of the movie is that the rules the screenwriters were inventing got in the way of making a good story, chiefly by bogging down the narrative with boring scenes of characters standing around explaining the rules to each other.

For instance, how about this rule: when a person is dreaming, they forget what the rules of the real world are. If they see a fellow passenger in a car conjure a T-Rex from thin air to chomp the car ahead of them, they accept that as a natural part of their world. Because that's how dreams actually work. People don't suddenly wake up from dreams every time they see something that wouldn't happen in real life. If that were true, how would anyone get any sleep?

For a sci fi movie, I found Inception to be amazingly deficient in imagination.

It seems like a lot people are walking away from this movie thinking it contains some profound truths about the nature of existence, but it isn't really about anything other than its own arbitrary, complicated rules.
Yep. Which is why I'm judging it chiefly by whether the arbitrary rules come together to make an entertaining if brainless summer action flick. Overall, I'd give it a B, but they could have put more thought into those rules and perhaps pulled off an A.
How are the rules complicated?
They're not complicated except in the context of a 2 1/2 hr action flick, where complexity is properly judged according to whether or not something bogs down the action when a rewrite could have kept things zipping along more fluidly.
You are a dream expert? Please do tell how dreams work.
Cmon, we're all dream experts. Have you never remembered your dreams? I remember them all the time. He's not the first person to note that the dreams in this movie don't seem very much like real-life dreams, which are far freakier and irrational, and involve far fewer car chases and gunfights. These are the dreams a Hollywood movie has, not the dreams a human has. I'd have liked to see more effort to genuinely re-create the feel of an actual dream, and if the screenwriters need to change their silly bullshit rules to accomplish that, then do it!
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