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Re: Upcoming Productions for June/July/August

Star Trek Defiant audio series
Episode #48: “Passing, Part 1”

Star Trek: The Machinima Generation
“A Voice for the Voiceless”

Starship Farragut Animated
"The Needs of the Many"

Starship Excelsior audio series
“The Pursuit,” third season episode

Star Trek: Phoenix
"Cloak and Dagger” (pilot episode)

Star Trek: Osiris
Conclusion of “Eclipse,” its two-part pilot

Star Trek: Dark Frontier
“Reclamation,” conclusion to a five-part storyline
(Episodes DF 101 and DF 102 contain material the producers say is “explicit content,” but the five other voyages area classified as having “general content.”)

Star Trek: Kobayashi Maru
DMAC6806 at Go!Animate

Star Trek: In Thy Image

Star Trek Requirius

Star Trek: The Romulan Wars
Part 3: “The Wings of Icarus”

Star Trek: Phase II
“Enemy Starfleet”

And don’t forget to vote for the U.S.S. Excalibur. While they didn’t win the first month-long contest, they still have a chance in the program for July. Vote early and often at this site:

Thanks for the info, Barb! I've made some changes in this week's listing to reflect your information. However, I don't like to promote unfinished entries like (cough) Exeter (cough). Once they have a completed episode, I'll be happy to include Star Track Animated.
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