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Anyone noticed any little bugs in the system lately? I have been working on certain romulan missions and the guys keep regenerating faster than I can kill them!! When I canceled out of the game and started over it was fixed...weird.

Also, had to blow up some asteroids in the mine mission and can only fine 3 of the 5 sets of asteroids!
It depends on the Enemy groups makeup - Roms seem to get a lot of Engineers and Medics, and if you don't take them out first, they start healing, dropping shield and medical generators, etc.
Good advice. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm oly a LTCDR 7 after all this time. Haven't been able to put a ton of time in but I'm working on it!! I just want my damn galaxy class!!
Nothing to be ashamed of. I've been playing since October 2009 (in closed beta); and post launch I've been taking my time as I want to have fun and experience stuff as they add it (Just hit Captain 7). Could I be a VA1 by now? Yep. but I'll honestly never understand the desire to 'rush to the top' in a lot of MMOs.

It kind of m,ade sense in the 'old days' for more mature MMOs (I started with Meridian 59, went on to EverQuest, and I've betaed or playe most MMOs released since). EQ started the trend by making repeatable 'Raid Content' (usually requireing 30+ players); and the term 'End Game' was coined; and the trend continued with World of Warcraft (although six months after it's release, players who rushed were wondering how Blizzard could release an MMO without an endgame at launch. They of course added Molten Core, and other areas; but at the start Onyxia was it).

So yeh, I'll never understand th 'Rush to the Top' mentality with new MMOs. You get there and then start to complain abiout the endgame (or lack thereof). It usually takes a year or more for most MMOs to get to the point where there's an endame; and enough debugged content to make leveling an alt just as inteesting as your first character.

Thus, since WoW; I always take it slow with new MMOs myself - espspecially one in a genere I REALLY ENJOY (I've never really cared for the glut of 'High Fantasy MMOs' myself; and Star Wars Galaxies blew from beta; and EVE Online was too PvP oriented and rather empty. One can only mine so many Asteriods or farm so many Pirates before being bored to death - others milage may vary).
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