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Re: The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

Mark_Nguyen wrote: View Post
Stangely, the bowship looks more to me like the Saratoga from "Space: Above and Beyond" than anything Cardassian. Lemme see here...

Still some awesome stuff though, and hardly "bowlike". Keep it coming!

Whoops! I've been away from the forum for a few days and haven't had a chance to respond to Starsuperion's posts in a timely manner. That first section, where I suggest his design resembles elements from DS9 (a Cardassian station, of course) was in reference to his sketch for the TARDIS. I should have quoted relevant sections from his posts, but my posts get a little long as it is ...

Sorry for the confusion. Once again "Now then, about those designs" referred to the TARDIS, and "Finally, the Bow Ship" had a comment about his prairie dogs.


I mean Bow Ships!
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