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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Hello everyone!
My name is Aleksandra, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Poland .
I've been watching Star Trek series for one year. As a little girl I used to watch VGR (and sometimes TOS) with my dad and last year I decided to start watch it again.
I've watched TOS, TAS, TNG and 1st season of ENT. Now I'm watching DS9, I'm in the 5th season and I love it!
My other hobbies are astronomy (my first steps in it, I started only few weeks ago), drawing (unfortunately my afflatus has gone), reading books and shopping. I also love physics (but I'm not as good in it as I want to) and polish language.
I decided to register here because I want to improve my english skills and discuss about my favourite universum with people from other countries . So, please, forgive me if I'll make any stupid mistakes - I'm still learning!
I can't promise that I'll be very active user because my language border could bother me in talking and understand everything.

Well, I think it's everything.
Permission to come aboard?
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