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Re: Voyager Deathmatch!!!

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No, I said that Captain's of Janeway's time period don't usually engage in hand-to-hand combat.

But, Janeway had fought in a war, and she'd been captured by the Cardassians and fought her way out. She could more than hold her own. The character, not Kate. Kate made up her on personal, internal storyline for Kathryn. So, what Kate says off screen about Janeway isn't always true-to-form when it comes to what Kathryn is actually capable of.

It's fine if you don't like Janeway, henbane. But must you ruin every bit of fun regarding her?
Totally uncalled for Adm!

If you read my posts properly you would see that I do like Janeway - she was the best Star Trek Captain - I just don't think she is God-like. Besides I am entitled to my opinions - just as you are entitled to yours. It's rather sad that you see opinions written by others that don't fit your mental image as "ruining your fun regarding her".

I respectfully suggest that you become less defensive of your opinions and develop a little tolerance of how others see and read the Janeway character - nothing is absolute.
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