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Re: The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

starsuperion wrote: View Post
Psion, Special thanks to you... I took some time off, and read up on some material concerning the Tardis..

what I found out is more amazing..
the design I finally have is the one..

and I have you to thank for the suggestion of the circular structures surrounding the the Time Lord citadel..
thanks man!
You are far too gracious about this, Starsuperion. It's easy for me to sit on the sidelines and make vague suggestions that radically alter artwork you spend countless hours sweating over. Easy and fun ... you keep coming back with amazing pictures that are so distractingly detailed that I get lost in them the way I get lost in high-resolution photos of cityscapes.

You're a talented guy. Talented and productive. TrekBBS is blessed with people who contribute artwork on a daily basis, but you're a treasure in a gilded landscape for all the attention to detail you bring to your projects.

When I visit conventions, I pay for stuff that doesn't measure up to the quality you bring to your sketches, and I'd kill -- literally -- to have a bit more of that character in me. I rank you up with the best I've seen on this forum and I hope you're making a living with your gifts because the distractions a mundane, nine-to-five job in an office might bring squander precious moments that would be better spent adding your visions to this world.

And! As if that wasn't enough, you have the humility (and bravery!) to actively consider and encourage nit-picking from your fans? There is liquid awesome flowing in your veins!

I hope some of that makes you feel proud, because I mean every word of it.

Now then ... about those new designs:

I love where you're going, but step back. This looks a little too Cardassian. The armatures, the structures at the top of the core, and the little, squashed disks on the "stalactites" under the vessel all contribute to a sense that this is derivative of the design of DS9. Not that it is -- I think this notion of field forces might have inadvertently led you down a path of artistic convergent evolution. Maybe if they curved inward more at the top and bottom, or had more intricate and ornate curves at the middle? Or if there were smaller curving armatures reaching up from the core towards the big ones? I don't know -- you're the one with talent, I'm just here to make your life difficult.

As the ship grows, do those armatures move further away from the core? That is, I'm assuming the cylindrical modules covered with roundels get added or dropped as the ship's mass grows or shrinks. I then imagine that they either don't grow beyond the limits of the armatures or the armatures can extend further out to encompass the extra size of the ship. If they do extend outward, and if they are devices intended to manipulate the field lines of the time vortex, then I also imagine they'd have to reconfigure their curvature ... flexing like mechanical tentacles to optimize their performance for a given configuration.

The roundels are a nice touch, by the way. They're huge, and the difference in scale between exterior and interior might compromise their recognition. If you want to cover the hull in Time Lord hieroglyphics, perhaps you can constrain the roundels to vertical strips -- rectangular regions of roundels that are textured with set-scaled detail. Similar to what you show, but just a bit more narrow. In your drawings, they'd never appear to be anything but gray blocks because they're so small in comparison, but any closeup views of the exterior would show acres of roundels stretching away into the distance.

I love the underside of the core. The volumes feel very iron-age-ish, but on a massive scale iron could never achieve. This is a steam locomotive of time travel -- fantastically advanced to mere 21st century humans, but quaint and dated to the people who built her. I almost wonder if there should be moving parts ... vortex flywheels and causal pistons that hammer away along the exterior of the ship as it flings itself across space and time. Of course, if we keep thinking like this, we'll soon have the TARDIS blowing steam and billowing clouds of coal smoke.

I'm glad you've brought down the scale again; I've always thought of the TARDIS as huge, but not as large as you've sometimes shown it. Of course, I still insist my knowledge of Who is hardly exhaustive, so there's room for us to quibble. It's a shame, on a ship this large, that we've never seen huge internal spaces. Perfectly understandable, given the budget, but still a shame.

Finally, the Bow Ship.
Outstanding! Bricklike, functional, it's a tank in space rendered large. Conceived in battle and executed with one purpose.

I have one very minor nitpick. The communications array currently points directly at the main weapons control superstructure on the bow. This makes sense if that parabolic dish is focusing energy on the array and broadcasting it across that space, but being a communications array, I suspect the main weapons control would interfere with its function ... and any organic tissues in weapons control might get cooked by RF when that giant dish sends a message. Oh, sure, the dish might swing 'round and point in different directions, but I'd suggest positioning it a little higher.
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