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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Based our pre season so far and the fact our squad is 2 players less than in May with no new signings I think we can forget about the playoffs right now. Billy D and the entire Forest transfer board are pissing me right off I wish the lot of em would just fuck off.

I will prob say 15th.
I'm actually surprised Billy is still there. I can't see you dropping that low, I'd be more inclined to say just outside the playoffs...having said that if Billy doesn't give a shit anymore that might make a difference.

From a personal viewpoint I'm with your board on this, Billy with a blank cheque book is not what you want. I think unfortunately he already has his excuses in place for when he walks/engineers his own sacking.

HappyDayRiot wrote: View Post

I reckon mid-table beckons this year. Bristol, Boro and Reading to duke it out at the top. We won't be anyway near the play-offs without strengthening, and it doesn't look like happening. Never mind - it can't always be glory days, can it?
Really? The only one of those three I can see mixing it at the top is Boro (or New Celtic as they must surely be now known) I think it'll take Coppell a season at least to get Bristol in shape, and Reading?

I have a feeling we're going to finish between 10th and 7th, thus annoyingly just missing out on the play offs!
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