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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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I'm getting a jarring reminder that no matter how much I love RTS games, I am awe-strikingly terrible at them, especially against other people or against an AI set more difficult than "mentally handicapped".
So, you're like me, then?
Well, as I put it to one of my friends earlier, "I'm a turtler in a rusher's world." I don't know if there's a fundumental problem with how I play or if the turtler gameplay is just too deeply engrained in me, but I am just not fast enough to be good. It seems like the enemy (AI or human) always has an army before I even have a barracks. I'm going to try to stick with SCII as long as possible and hopefully figure out how to hone my skills a bit.
I sympathize, I'm a turtler at heart as well.

As far as SC2 goes, I heartily recommend the "I Suck at Starcraft 2" video series by TotalBiscuit, very entertaining and high production values
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