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Re: Voyager Deathmatch!!!

she was not a physical combat orientated character. Yes, yes they did get her to do a few physical things but they were never convincing - not like Seven or Be'Lanna
Luckily, I'm easy to convince.

Captains like Janeway, like Picard, were scientists and diplomats who usually tried to talk their way out of a situation if at all possible. When that didn't work, they resorted to photon torpedos, phasers and tricobalt devices and left a lot of the fistacuffs fighting to others. To them, "hand to hand" meant "my phaser to your phaser".

Speaking of phasers... IMO any scene where Janeway got to tote her compression phaser rifle around (The Chute) was a good scene.

Still, I do love it when she was physical with the Storm troopers in "Resistance", or the macroviruses in "Macrocosm". I did especially like her take down of the alien in the brig during "Scientific Method" or the BORG in unimatrix zero 1 . (Lets play "Clue" Captain Janeway in the unimatrix with a bat'leth)

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