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Re: Voyager Deathmatch!!!

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Can't have Janeway in a deathmatch - she's not physical enough. If we are talking only of the females, needs to be Seven or Belanna.

We've seen Janeway get physical (heh) multiple times, and she's always kicked arse and taken names.

exodus is right, I think, about her.
Janeway has been a commander and now Captain, Beverly is a doctor. Just going by "Memorial" and Janeway was involved the same Cardassian wars as Miles O'Brian (Remember her story to Seven in "Prey"?), Janeway is used to being in combat situations and having to defend herself. Bev. isn't.

Taking hand to hand combat simulations isn't the same as being in real combat.

Ohhh I'm sorry - I thought the title of the thread was "deathmatch", not b*tch slap fest .... lol

As much as I liked the Janeway character, she was not a physical combat orientated character. Yes, yes they did get her to do a few physical things but they were never convincing - not like Seven or Be'Lanna (if Janeway was really a convincing fighter do you really think they wouldn't have made better use of this trait??).
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