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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Liverpool 2-0 up on Robotnik. Ho hum. I see Roy's been replaced by Mark Hughes at Fulham now - sounds like a good bet to me. An even better bet: Craig Bellamy to be a Fulham player by the end of August.

It's a shame TNS and Bangor both got thrashed. There's real Welsh solidarity going for those guys around here this year! At least TNS can fall into the Europa league once Anderlecht are done with them though - what a payday for a Welsh Premier team!

I'm also still laughing at Celtic last night too. How do you like the Champions League, Joe Ledley? Idiot. Complete idiot.

My season ticket arrived this week actually. I've not been following our pre-season too closely, but I'm hoping we're looking at least competent. We let some deadwood go after Wembley, plus Ledley who did sod all last year anyway, and have Drinkwater in from Man United who's apparently pretty decent. Got to worry when you're under a transfer embargo though, and Motherwell are demanding a payment for Paul Quinn (can they just have him back? And Hudson to Charlton please?).

I reckon mid-table beckons this year. Bristol, Boro and Reading to duke it out at the top. We won't be anyway near the play-offs without strengthening, and it doesn't look like happening. Never mind - it can't always be glory days, can it?
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