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Re: The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

okay here is the first of many technical schematic sheets with Gallifreyan ships, one of my favourites, is the vanquisher class heavy cruiser.. however, when you see the dreadnought and the warship class, especially rassilon's command ship, you guys are gonna get blown away!! seriously, rassilon's ship is especially, and golden..and massive!!
also the super massive mining/supply ships which make steel bolts for use with the hyper charge canon.. 1 mining and supply ship can service an entire fleet of bow ships..

I also have a short range fighter in the works.. I will also do the upgraded versions which were put into service during the last great time war, and used against the Daleks! Please stay tuned!

Note imagine the ship in a Burnt reddish colour and dark brass, with Golden Glowing High Gallifreyan Text, with the aft end a glow with blueish white energy.. as a charging hyper bolt bay is brimming with arcing lightning bolts of blue energy, just as a massive steel bolt is loaded in it's bay, and shot outward at tremendous speeds, so fast that it is a chrome steel blur, striking at the heart of a hovering great vampire devouring other ships of the Great Gallifreyan Fleet! In the back drop we see a massive mining ship providing support fire, as the massive main black, and burnt orange, with glowing high gallifreyan text, command ship of Rassilon's enters the fray, blasting it's enormous plasma canons, stripping flesh from the monstrous vampire horde surrounded and engaged as they tried to bleed a planet's life dry.

Now that is a Battle!


the Bolt shown is not actual size, and has been enlarged for detail purposes..
the H/S/P stands for Hyper Speed Parsec, comparable to Warp Drive Speeds.. 1 H/S/P is equal to 2.5 Warp Factors
Stasers only affect organic matter, and Mega stasers can penetrate other ship's hulls and destroy the organic life inside, leaving the ship intact.

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