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Re: Uniform ideas for Trek

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One change I'm going to make purely out of personal taste: No neckties. None. Neckties are annoying and evil, says the guy who's never had the coordination to tie a knot, to say nothing of a tie. [Hey, if I'm designing, I get to abolish the necktie!]
I love neckties! Neckties are cool. I often make it a point to try to wear neckties with T-shirts and turtlenecks whenever possible, not just suits.
You're just strange, Sci. Like I said, I can't tie a tie IRL, so that's most of my antipathy.
Well, fair enough. (Windsor knots are pure evil to tie.) That's why the trick is to tie them once you get them and then never untie them -- just store them pre-tied.
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