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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

tau136 --This was sort of a real life bridge officer's test, wasn't it? I suppose John "passed" it, if you look at it that way. But you're right, he's an affectionate person who forms attachments quickly. It's why he's well-liked by almost everyone, but it has already bitten him in the ass more than once and may yet again before this day is out. There are a lot of injured people on the Sol. I think it's interesting that the problems of the Sol made you think of the possibilities for far worse problems on the Tesseract. We'll see what happens there! Lastly, I'm interested in your use of the word "sub-par" to describe the crew. You really think they're below average? I'd disagree with that. Most of them truly do excel in their field. A lot of the officers are fairly young, because it's a seven year mission that may take even longer than that if something goes wrong, not to mention if they get stranded out there, it's a LONG way home. They may be imperfect and untested in combat, but they are proficient at their jobs. (And I'd point out that we haven't even seen 95% of the crew -- because they're just sitting around boringly doing their jobs very well. The people we see more frequently just happen to bring the drama -- 'cause it's a story. )

Gibraltar -- Agreed, holodeck vs. real life is night and day different.
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