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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Under the home-grown rule, clubs' first-team squads will be restricted to 25 players over the age of 21, of which 10 must be registered in domestic football for three seasons before their 21st birthday. There will be no restriction on players under the age of 21, however.
I just read its 8 players and they must of been signed before the age of 21 and played 3 seasons or more at your club. Looked at Utd and players like Nani & Anderson count but even then Fergie needs to cut his squad by a few players either sell, loan or back up but then back ups can only be 21 or under. Also if you can't meet the 8 home grown rule you can only have a 21 man squad.
Different rules for the Prem and the FL I think.

The 25 man squad rule in the prem is going to shake things up a bit, they're already suggesting that certain players who are injured might not make it into their team's squads and might have to wait for January! At this rate we might end up with a lot of players either stuck in the reserves, or see the likes of Woodgate/Hargreaves etc playing in the Championship soon!

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Derby 1 Stoke 0

Only a friendly, but living near Stoke, that's a welcome result.

Plenty of one-way banter in the office today.

Even at our lowest ebb, we're still better than Stoke.......
Isn't everyone better than Stoke?

I'd heard Doyle looks quite handy, I see Varney scored two last night! Really don't see why we don't give him a go, is he really that bad? I hear as well that despite looking all skinny a few weeks ago, Commons if overweight again already!?
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