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Re: Shiri Appleby: Genre babe of the week #26 (July 2010)

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Yes. Ten years is such a long time.

I think some people just don't know what a girl in her early teens looks like.
I'm generally on your side in regards to this issue. People way too often insult adults by saying they look like children (when it's really just the media warping their minds by having thirty-year-olds play teenagers on tv).

In this case, though, I've got to say: she is clearly in her mid-teens in that picture (possibly as young as 14 or even 13). That's not an insult. I just think that's when the picture was taken.
I looked up that photo on That picture was taken in 1999 when Shiri was 21.
I rest my case.

The photo is Copyrighted in 1999 by 20th Century Fox and to Roswell which was made as early as 1999 a mere 10 years (ok, 11) ago. A simple Google Image Search for "Liz Parker, Roswell" will turn up plenty of images of cast photos and screen caps of Shiri around this same time looking just as "young" and "child like."

People have no idea what a thirteen year old girl looks like anymore.
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