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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Hey, uh, this account was kind of rushed. I'm kicking myself for not joining a Trek forum before. It's 1:40 in the morning and I didn't want to think of a creative name so I just named myself after Lucien from TAS. I'm not one for forum introductions, and I've been eyeing a few threads already so I'm eager to just blindly jump into Trek BBS like I usually do on a new forum, but I'll give you a quick briefing.

So basically I've been watching Star Trek every day for the past 5 years, usually a few episodes a day. The series depends on what I'm in the mood for, but it's in a pretty random order. Anyway I want to get this introduction out of the way, so I'll just drop the general facts.

Favourite series is TNG, I actually liked Enterprise, favourite movie is the Wrath of Khan, I prefer the term trekkie, I didn't care for J.J.'s movie as a fan/liked it as a movie in its own right, etc. etc. etc. Glad to be here and all that.
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