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Re: "Glinn" Kattell Seskal--another Seska alter ego

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^ I think in Lemec's case he brought his Glinns on board simply to maintain a balance with the starfleeters. Aside from that there was no good reason to have them there.

Perhaps Macet did the same thing but with the assumption that Daro rather unique sensitivities would help sooth tensions...which alas did not work as planned...
Personal theory: Macet was trying to establish trust by bringing both his highest-ranking officers aboard the ship. After all, if Picard wanted to kill all three and then have a better chance to pick off the Trager, he would have the opportunity to do it.

Lemec knew what Macet had done and thought he could fake the same kind of earnestness--but wound up with Jellico instead and it didn't go over well.

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Sketch looks pretty refined to me... good job.
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