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Re: Just watched Star Trek V - pros and cons

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The wiki page conclusively denied that "Conspiracy of Claudius Civilis" was considered substandard and despised in Rembrant's time and after. The picture was only rejected from a city hall.
Which denies your post.
No it doesn't. The reason it was rejected from the city hall was because it did not correspond to then current ideals and criteria regarding history painting. That's the whole point. It was not appreciated by most at the time. How hard is that for you to understand. The fact that Rembrandt had to resort to cutting it to pieces so that he could sell them should be evidence enough. The fact is the same is true of all of his later work which was not appreciated until much later.

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PS - And you STILL haven't answered me:
But, for all means, do point to Rembrant works that were obvious garbage at the time and now they're considered masterpieces. How many has he made? Over 2600? Find one.
I've answered you before you asked the question. My first example still stands. Besides what are you saying? That all works of art that are now considered masterpieces were always so regarded and immediately recognized as such? Because that's a pretty absurd claim to make.
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